2017 Honda Accord Sport Special Edition Review

What is that my friend that that were Tom hello so you’re Honda man internet sales manager here a Honda of Santa Maria this one do this quick video for you because I’m excited I have the 2017 Honda Accord sport, Special edition. So sport special edition is an all new trim a level for the 2017 Honda accord what makes it different from the 2016 Honda accord sport is this one house full leather seats. And those seats are heated also there is red stitching throughout the seams of these leather seats as well as the steering wheel arm rest and side panels. So this is deathly more of a style refresh on this specific trim level.

2017 Honda Accord Sport Special Edition

I still get all the great features of the 2016 Honda accord sport. Other than the cloth seats and the. You still get your black headliner you still get those cool aluminum foot pedals the other noticeable difference on the exterior is you will get special edition badging now this package comes. At $1150 more than the regular accord sport which will still be available if you want to see a full review of the accord sport and a test drive. Click this link above. This being the 2017 model special edition is foreshadowing the all new redesigned coming in 2018 so that super exciting anytime Honda does any special edition model. The next year will be a redesigned so that is exciting either do the same thing with the CRV and the Odyssey it’s looking like the C. R. V. will be all the redesigned coming fall looks like the new redesigned Odyssey will be coming in in January sometime but.

2017 Honda Accord Sport salon

I just want to let you guys know that I in case you are shopping and want to get a great deal on the outgoing model which is still a great car for me this model is perfect for those who wanna get the leather but don’t want to go to an E. X. health which would give you the sunroof and the push button start so if those things aren’t important to you but you still want leather and you’re not super excited with the lane what’s or the touch screen audio but you want some really good style this package is definitely for you before and this video though I wanted to mention that this is in the modern steel metallic which they still have for this model of this car still has the LED fog lights as well as those stylish 19 inch alloy wheels. Thank you guys for watching this quick video on the 2017 a Honda accord sport special edition for more on the upcoming model Stephan like comment and subscribe. Information about Headlights for Honda Accord Sport Special Edition see at site: http://rentaldelight.com/honda-accord/headlights.html.