Chevrolet Spark

Chevrolet SparkThe creation of the Chevrolet Spark was preceded by the transition of the Korean Daewoo car manufacturer to the American Corporation of General Motors. After this the “GM-Daewoo Auto&Technology” company was created.

As a result, all the autos of the group that were issued on the domestic market of Korea changed the name to Chevrolet. So, in 2005, after significant changes of the exterior and interior of many beloved Daewoo Matiz was released under the name Chevrolet Spark. From Matiz it was distinguished by a contemporary design with clean lines and modern elements, like lights similar to 2008 Chevy Malibu headlight, more robust design and low cost.

The car is made in five-door hatchback body. The length of the car is 3.5 meters. Under the hood of the car there can be installed one of two petrol engines: a 52-horsepower 0.8-liter unit or a 66 – horsepower 1-liter engine. On Eropean market the car also comes under the name of Chevrolet Spark. The engines of the first-generation of the car corresponded to the ecological norms of Euro 2.

In 2008, after modifications of the power train they had to meet the emission standards Euro 3. Chevrolet Spark 2011 was designed on the same platform, which was slightly improved.