What is the engine turbo lag?

turbo lagTurbo lags are a failure in the recruitment of the engine speed due to the inertia of the turbine. “Gas is given”, but the car did not immediately accelerated. Due effect of turbo lag, there is a jump in the acceleration of the car.

Auto turbine comprises two impellers mounted on a common shaft, but located in separate chambers sealingly separated from each other. One of the vanes caused to rotate entering to her engine exhaust gases. As the second impeller is rigidly connected with it, it also begins to rotate and capture fresh air, feeding it into the engine cylinders.

The turbine can be untwisted over 150 000 rev / min, the more exhaust gas is supplied to the turbine impeller, the higher the RPM will be, and thus it will inject more air.

The following occurs. The car is moving at a low speed and the motor also works with small turnovers. In a way there is a need of overtaking and driver abruptly depresses the gas pedal, but nothing happens. It is “turbo lag” caused by the delay of the turbine. Those, in other words “turbo lag” is power delay and increase the engine speed during a sharp pressing the gas pedal.